Kindred Spirit

I still believe in a kindred spirit 
who has known the soul in me all through time,
who understands there are mountains in life,
will take my hand, and is willing to climb.


She who can perceive the facets of me
and sincerely encourages my dreams.         
She who stuns me with her outer poise, 
yet whose inner beauty is really what gleams.


She who loves to make the most of each day,
wakes with positive words and a smile.
She who accepts that we all have some flaws,
and refuses - to live in denial. 


She who has fire inside and isn’t 
afraid to express the passion she feels.
She who moves with smooth, graceful energy 
but knows how to tease me with lace and frills.


She who has enough inner confidence          
to be comfortable in her own skin.
She who embraces the Yang in her,
yet respects, and always cherishes her Yin.


She who knows how to embrace the beauty 
that surrounds us in this glorious place.
She who enjoys the life she is living,             
and displays it with a glow on her face.


She who can get anxiously excited 
over the colors of a setting sun.
She who understands me, and fathoms     
how two alone, can join together as one.

Worth the Wait

Somewhere within the fire pit flame                                   
between watching and adding a piece of wood,             
I question my own biased opinions                                   
on what feels natural and what feels good.


I contemplate new people in my life,                        
the things I’m learning and the things I teach.                 
I’m discovering who I’ve always been                     
and which of my goals are important to reach.


I think about women from my past                                     
and how I hoped they were my forever muse.                
But something wasn’t quite right between us -                
and so they evolved into yesterday’s news.


Where are you “Queen of All My Dreams?”                      
Why haven’t you smiled and made your presence known?
Yeah, maybe I wasn’t ready before,
but life schooled and slapped me… and I have grown.

I’m ready to experience the life                       
that you and I will easily create.                     
Part of me is getting very anxious -                         
and the rest of me, knows you’re worth the wait.