There’s a lot of talk and many books
about soulmates and parallel twin flames.
I believe in those relationships

and know there’s someone who believes the same.

Someone who brings peace into my life
and inspires me to constantly grow…
Someone who has spent her life learning
and can teach me things I do not know…


Someone who is not afraid to face
the challenges life will surely present…
Someone who embraces each new day,
who can go anywhere, and be content...


Someone who believes in me and my goals
as much as she believes in her own…
Someone who has experienced hardships,
and from them, she has learned and grown…


Someone who has a greater purpose, 
who has compassion and knows how to give… 
Someone whose presence can warm my days… 
Someone like me – who’s unafraid to live. 

No More...                                  5-26-15

For as many times as I wanted

to believe I found the elusive one,

life proved me wrong and exposed the truth -

 my longtime search for you, wasn't quite done.

So as I scribble more words on paper,

trying to decipher what I feel,

my peaceful heart is telling me something -

I think it's saying, "You're close and she is real.

She can keep your eyes fixated on her.

She believes in the words of your core.

We were waiting for you to be ready -

and now your search for her, will be no more."